Dr. Shannon Andrus conducting a writing workshop

Employees' poor writing skills cost American businesses approximately $400 billion per year. With all the reading employees do each workday, productivity slips as they struggle to make sense of poorly written business documents and marketing material that fail to get the message across. Clearly expressed writing, however, creates alignment, boosts productivity, and instills trust in employees and customers.


Dr. Shannon Andrus is a writing expert who helps employees, managers, and leaders sharpen their English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and proofreading skills. She also shows participants how to compose clear and effective emails, proposals, and reports.

Shannon is one of the co-authors of "Teaching Girls: How Teachers and Parents Can Reach Their Brains and Hearts."

Shannon's programs are highly rated by her clients, and her presentation style has been described by attendees as engaging, humorous, easy to follow, and highly informative.

They were so excited about your content! I have to admit, I was a little nervous, but they all loved the refresher nature of your message and truly were inspired by your love of English. Many mentioned that they were anxiously waiting for your resources because they wanted to continue on the improvement upswing you started.