Dr. Shannon Andrus providing a business writing course in Denver

Onsite Business Writing and Legal Writing Courses

Dr. Shannon Andrus's business writing and legal writing courses are suited for leaders, managers, and employees who have a need to deliver clear and polished business documents and marketing material. Shannon also offers courses focused on crafting effective digital communication and how to efficiently manage it for increased productivity.

Shannon's programs are highly rated by her clients, and her presentation style has been described by attendees as engaging, humorous, easy to follow, and highly informative.

The Business Writing Blitz: Grammar, Punctuation, and Common Errors (Adjustable from 1-3 hours)

  • In this fast-paced and interactive review of the most common errors in grammar, punctuation, and usage, Shannon covers everything from the difference between affect and effect to where to put your commas to what exactly is passive voice (and how to avoid it). The course is centered on high-value components crucial to writing powerful, error-free content for business. This course is adjustable in length and focus to correspond to the particular needs of your team.

Digital Communication (1 hour)

  • This course is typically paired with The Business Writing Blitz and focuses on using email and other forms of electronic business communication both effectively and efficiently. For most employees, email represents the bulk of the business writing they create each day. Shannon reviews the rules, expectations, and current “netiquette” so employees can be sure that they are sending clear, appropriate, and compelling emails.

Legal Writing Skills for Attorneys & Administrators (Adjustable from 1-3 hours)

  • Legal writing has its own specific rules for grammar, composition, and style, and this course is specially designed for those in the legal field who need to draft error-free legal documents that follow those rules.

Writing that Works: How to Elevate your Style, Clarify your Content, and Enhance your Message (Adjustable from 2-4 hours)

  • This session illustrates and explains the elements of captivating writing including organization, clarity, and tone. Using examples of excellent writing, Shannon helps participants explore how to transform unclear or uninspiring writing into powerful prose. The session includes workshop time for participants to apply these skills.

Finding Focus in a World of Distraction (Adjustable from 1-2 hours)

  • Why is it so hard to stay focused? Why do most of us feel like we are further behind at the end of the workday? In this course, Shannon explores the components of our connected lives that can lead to loss of focus, reduction in productivity, and feelings of disconnection and burnout. She provides effective strategies and habits for managing your day, week, and year to accomplish day-to-day tasks and long-term goals.

Storytelling for Business (Adjustable from 1-3 hours)

  • This course includes a review of the elements of excellent writing and then extends into the art of storytelling. What makes a compelling story? What topics are most effective in the business world to promote your brand, attract new clients, communicate important information, obtain funding, or generate interest for a new project? Using examples and workshop time, participants unpack the components of compelling and persuasive stories for business. The session includes workshop time for participants to apply these skills.

Gender and Communication in the Workplace (Adjustable from 30 minutes to 2 hours)

  • This inclusive course is designed to help all members of an organization address issues of gender that can arise in the workplace. The session focuses primarily upon written communication, including the use of pronouns, stereotypical male and female communication styles and their implications, and ways to promote and support all employees regardless of gender. Shannon includes practical suggestions to promote positive gender consciousnesses within the workplace.

Shannon typically offers her onsite business writing courses throughout the Denver Metro, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Northern Colorado regions, and even nationwide. Contact us through our online form to find out how we can assist you with your group's writing needs.

Very dynamic speaker! Thoroughly enjoyed the session and learned several tricks that I intend to pass along with others.